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Behavioural Science and Climate Action

Cogo uses behavioural science to help people align their actions with their values.

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The role of behavioural science in living sustainably

Many of us want to live more sustainably but our actions don’t often align with our values. Cogo’s Good Impact Framework helps millions of customers understand the impact of their spending but Cogo recognises that information alone is not enough to lead to actual, sustainable behaviour change. That's where we come in.

“Educating people and getting them to care won’t drive action.”

Katie Patrick, Environmentalist Engineer and Designer

How we're helping people on their sustainability journey

Many of our daily activities are driven by habitual, unconscious behaviours and people’s values often aren’t always consistent with their actions. This is called the value-action gap.

Cogo applies behavioural change best-practice to help people close this gap, making it easier for them to take action and reduce their personal impact.

"Behavioural science is a key leverage point to convert good intentions into climate actions."  

Vishal George, Chief Behavioural Scientist at Behavioural by Design

The Ethical Nudge Framework 

Cogo's Ethical Nudge Framework is how we apply behavioural science to complex sustainability journeys. Depending on a user's motivation and ability, we will help people to move from a position of understanding to improving their impact by taking specific climate actions.

The Ethical Nudge Framework leverages cues, feedback and progress to nudge people along their journey and keep them engaged through positive reinforcement based on their actions. The diagram below demonstrates this.

Behavioural science in action

Making the invisible, visible

When Cogo detects a transaction with a climate saving potential, a notification cue is delivered to the user.

By educating the user about the future potential savings, we are bringing the future into the present.

Making the change social

The power of community is a big driver of people’s motivation in making lasting lifestyle changes. People often feel that any changes they make won’t have an impact on a problem as big as climate change.

So when users make a positive change we show them how many of their peers are on the same journey.

Making the change easy

When members of the Cogo community are ready to make a change, we make it easy for them. For example, we suggest businesses that share the same values as them and can support their desired lifestyle changes, thereby removing points of friction.

Making the change personal

Sustainable behaviours can sometimes not seem personally relevant. We support our users by sending them timely, positive messages of feedback to highlight the positive impact their behaviour change has already had.

This reinforces their choice and provides feedback to let them know that they’re on the right track.

Making the change feel good

Emotions are great contributors to motivate us and our choices. Our feedback messages focus on evoking curiosity, making new habits 'sticky' by leveraging positive emotions such as pride.

Check out our white paper to learn more


Behavioural science partners

We've partnered with international experts from the field of behavioural science who are as passionate about sustainability as we are. Think you've got what it takes to be a partner and help us create large-scale impact? Whether you are one person, an institution or a company with millions of customers, please get in touch. Together we can create even bigger impact!

Get in touch with our team and take the first step to empowering your customers.

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