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Cogo has a mission to decentralise its ownership, placing the power of ownership in the hands of its staff, customers and users - those who are creating value for the company.

our current round

Don’t miss your chance to join our community of investors.

We’re raising US$20M to scale our impact and meet the growing demand from businesses and consumers who are looking for greater transparency around their carbon footprint.

We are raising funds to help grow our company, and scale our impact, making Cogo the go-to solution for change for the world’s largest enterprises. The Series A funding will be used to invest in the scalability of Cogo’s product, and launch into the North American, European and Asian markets.  Due to early interest, the round is expected to close in early December.

our current round

Are you an ideal investor?

We’re open to all kinds of investors as you’ll see below, but we have identified five criterion to help qualify potential new investors in Cogo. Our ideal investor would meet all criteria by responding positively to the questions posed:


Do you align with the ultimate mission of Cogo? If you are a fund, do you have a mandate from your investors/LPs to measure the performance of your investment on both financial and social/environmental returns?

Deep pockets

How much capital do you have access to? As outlined, Cogo will need significant investment to achieve its goals - so access to quick capital is critical.

Ability to help

Can you help Cogo achieve its goals, beyond simply capital? Do you have access to 100,000s of users, some potential customers, or other levers to help the company scale?

Good to work with

How easy, enjoyable and effective would the relationship be? This is going to be a highly intense ride and we want to work with good people in an efficient way!

Buys into strategy

How aligned are you with our ambitious capital strategy? Do you buy-in to the long-term ownership structure and agree with the rationale?

our current round

Ready to invest in changing the world?

If you’re a wholesale investor and are keen to invest, please submit an expression of interest. Otherwise, if you want to stay in touch about future crowdfunding campaigns, please click keep in touch and leave your email!

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Our shareholders

Join our community of diverse shareholders!

We have a diverse range of value-aligned shareholders that not only span the globe but also types of investors. There are over 300 shareholdings in Cogo with no majority shareholders. We are committed to decentralised ownership, and look forward to welcoming more of our customers and users to join the community that owns Cogo. Below, we’ve highlighted seven of our current shareholder categories:


42 Collective

42 Collective are a charitable trust that help others live socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles.


David Lee

David is a high net worth investor passionate about solutions to the climate crisis.

Angel Investor Groups


AngelHQ is a diverse network of angel investors exist to support early stage companies who have the potential for rapid global expansion.

Family offices


K1W1 is a charitable trust helping others live socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles.

Government funds

NZ Growth Capital Partners

NZGCP was established by the government in 2002 to build a vibrant technology investment market in NZ.


Pentland Group

A Cogo customer and privately owned global company that owns and invests in a range of businesses.

Our Staff

Melissa Keys

Melissa co-founded and worked for Cogo for over five years.

Check out full list of shareholders here