Changing business to change the world.

CoGo’s world-first technology empowers you to help businesses take action on the global issues that, ultimately, impact all of us. We convert every transaction you make at a registered CoGo business into a vote for the world you want. Our system informs complex sustainability decisions for business leaders, while connecting you with ethical stores to shop at. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not — here’s how it works.


Every voice matters. Here’s how we make sure yours is heard.

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Get Connected

There’s a lot of ways that businesses can be better at caring for people and our planet. Joining CoGo gives you a chance to select the actions that matter most to you, and share these priorities with hundreds of businesses leaders who value your opinion. The best part? It’s free!


Cast your votes

Link your payment cards to your account to increase your voting power - spending with a linked card lets you anonymously advocate for the good practices you want to see at each CoGo store you shop at, every time you spend. Linking your card also allows you to start tracking your own good spending history, and brush up on the things that stores you’re supporting are doing to be better.


Your privacy is our number one priority: your personal details are never shared with CoGo businesses, and the few payment card details we collect to link your spending to your values are securely locked down by Paymark. Read more about how we protect your information here.


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Influence better business decisions

We bundle the ethical wants and needs of our members together to give businesses the insights they’ve always wanted but could never consistently get. Through this values reporting, we’re able to show business leaders what their conscious customers care about, and where they could focus their energy to create awesome sustainability improvements.

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See your vote make a difference

Once businesses identify practice improvements, we work with them to ensure they follow through! Using the CoGo Impact Framework, our team verifies the changes a business is making. Once satisfied, we award a business with practice-relevant impact badges to show their proven commitments to people, planet and animals. The best part? We’ll notify you of these improvements so you can see when and how your votes have made a difference.

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Understand the real-world impact

We’re on a mission to create serious change, and that means keeping track of the impact our community is making! Every sustainable practice that a business adopts contributes to CoGo’s collective impact stats. Our team calculate the real-world effects of what can seem like small-scale changes at a store, business and community level. It’s a great way to see the social and environmental improvements we’re making together.

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Keep up the good work

Every time you shop at a CoGo accredited business, you’re contributing to the positive impact that they’re making. You’re also encouraging them to continue to adopt more good practices - it’s all part of the conscious ecosystem we’ve got going on.


Go forth and conquer, consciously.

Looking for a quick bite, a gift for someone special, a hairdresser, or a nice pair of shoes? Don’t compromise your values. Use the CoGo app to find stores nearby that operate sustainably and stock ethical versions of the products you need.

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