We take your privacy very seriously, and take a lot of care with your data. CoGo is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy Act 1993. You can get as much detail as you want in the documents linked below.

Key things to know

We don't share. Your personal details are never shared with the businesses on our platform. They have no access to your name, email, age, location, or payment card details. Separate to the businesses on the CoGo platform, we do work with service providers that will have limited access to your data including Paymark (who connects us with your payment card transactions) and AWS (who provide the servers that CoGo runs on). We describe the data we collect, how we manage it, and who we work with in our Privacy Notice and in our list of External Data Processors (see links below in “Our privacy documents”).

You can't be identified. A business is only shown collective data of a group of registered consumers. For instance, businesses use our service to understand that there are 10,000 registered consumers in an area, and altogether they spend $10m per year with CoGo businesses, and collectively those consumers care most about recycling, eco-packaging, and organics. A business will also see aggregated data about their own CoGo customers (who visit their store and spend using a linked payment card).

 We're free for consumers. Your payment cards will never be charged. We register your payment card only for the purpose of accessing your transaction information. Being part of CoGo costs you nothing, and you can leave and un-link your card at any time.

 Your card details are locked down. We link your payment card securely, through Paymark. Paymark is the company that processes EFTPOS payments for most New Zealand businesses. Paymark runs a super secure network, transacting for 80,000 merchants who operate 140,000+ EFTPOS machines.

Our privacy documents

Our Privacy Notice explains and describes:

  • Who we are.

  • How we collect your personal data.

  • Legal basis for usage of your personal data.

  • How we use the personal data we collect.

  • How and when we may disclose personal data that we collect.

  • How long we hold your personal data.

  • How we protect your personal data and keep it secure.

  • What happens when you access third-party services and content.

  • Your legal choices and rights.

  • The status of this Privacy Notice and any changes that are made to it.

  • How to request further information plus our contact details.

Our External Data Processors document lists the third party service providers that we share your data with in order to deliver you our services. The document describes what we share, and why.

Our Cookies Policy describes what cookies are, and how you can manage them.

We also have a Terms of use here.