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Join over 13,000 Kiwis who are already making a difference.

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Use your influence to make a difference

Tell businesses what YOU want to see them investing in to create a cleaner, better world. The issues you care about are communicated straight to local business decision-makers.

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Find businesses nearby doing good

Shop with (and learn about) businesses who are already taking action on issues that you care about using our ‘find a business’ tool.


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See the good work the CoGo community is already doing, and get updates every time a business adopts a new way of tackling the issues you care about. Learn more about how CoGo works.


233 practice changes, and counting.

The CoGo community fosters and encourages good business decisions, resulting in positive impacts like the below in stores all across New Zealand. Read more about our impact here.

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You have the power to help us do more.


Whatever your values, we can give them a voice.

Just like thousands of others, you can join these two good sorts in taking action to prioritise people and planet. Let businesses know the world you want to live in, and what practices you’re willing to support.

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“Giving people the power through purchase. Love it. And we can track our investment in our values! The way of the future is present. Nice work team!”

— Preston, Consumer

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“Knowing what your customers want is important if you want to stay in business. If you see something positive, you want to stick to it. Our dedication to making things better can have a significant impact.”

— Conor, Mexicali Fresh Co-Founder


Here’s what our members wanted businesses to tackle last month:

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Reduce general waste

Reducing their packaging waste.png

Reduce packaging waste

Paying their staff the living wage NZ.png

Pay staff the living wage

Offering cruelty free products.png

Offer cruelty free products

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Offer free range certified products


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