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Get noticed while making an impact

Consumers reward and punish companies based on their CSR efforts, so if you’re a business doing good work, don’t keep it to yourself! Getting accredited by CoGo is a comprehensive way for you to tell thousands of conscious Kiwis how you’re taking action to support people, animals and the planet, while connecting with and learning from your own conscious customers.


Be the change your customers want to see.

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Get plugged in

Track your customers’ ethical preferences, then compare these with regional and national trends to identify new market opportunities. You’ll be able to understand the deeper motivations of your conscious audience and use this to strategically inform your next steps.


Say goodbye to guess-work

CoGo gives you the tools to identify potential ROI of ethical products and operational practices before you introduce them. Cafe toying with introducing vegan items to your menu? Now you’ll be able to see the proportion of your current customers who you might be catering to, and the number of prospective customers you could acquire. It’s about doing good, in ways that work for you and your customers.

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Inform your wider strategy

CoGo insights don’t just help you to make better informed sustainability decisions. Clients also use our data to inform wider business strategies and promotional plans, building stronger connections with conscious consumers throughout their own channels.

Then create genuine connections with a greater audience.

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Reach new customers

Globally, 33% of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. It’s time to get in on that action. As a CoGo accredited business, you’ll be regularly promoted to an audience of thousands of people keen to put their money where their values are.

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Increase loyalty and retention

Genuinely connect with new CoGo customers by sharing how the money they’ve just spent in your store is contributing to and enabling good practices. Communicating your motivations helps to create loyalty within our membership base as they see the sustainable initiatives they’re supporting by shopping at your business.

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Show customers you care

71% of millennials want to see businesses taking the lead to make progress on key global issues. Show your commitment by joining a network of like-minded businesses who are doing their part for the good of people and planet.

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Be part of something bigger

Our accreditation framework helps you track the social and environmental impact of the changes you’re making, and then see how your actions are contributing to the success of the wider CoGo community.

You won’t be the first. Don’t be the last.



No more one-off surveys that are out of date in a month. We’re collecting anonymised ethical data 24/7, every time our members use their bank cards.



Track CoGo member’s values at store-level, across your entire business, and by region. See the frequency of times your stores are visited by CoGo members, and what their cumulative spend is.



We don’t just award the good work you’re already doing, we’re here to support you to do more. All CoGo businesses get access to our supplier directory, a round-up of incredible contacts who are here to help you offer sustainable solutions to customers.