Be the change your customers want to see.

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Join your peers. Be part of a growing network of conscious businesses.

CoGo is an inclusive platform solely dedicated to businesses that enable and promote ethical and sustainable living.


Showcase the people and stories that make your business brilliant

CoGo connects you to customers and gives you a platform to talk about the journey you are taking towards being a more ethical and sustainable business.


Feature your ethical and sustainable products and practices

With CoGo you can demonstrate the positive impact you are making by showcasing your sustainability practices and the products you source ethically.

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Prospect to new customers

The platform automatically allows you to reach new customers, who may not know about your practices or policies, growing your conscious customer base.


Promote your good practices to your customers

Build loyalty at low cost. The CoGo platform automatically let’s your customers know how the money they spend with you helps local growers, communities and people.


Track your lift in profits from CoGo consumers

Receive regular reports on how the prospecting and promoting to CoGo registered consumers lifts their spending at your business.


Prioritise your sustainability efforts

CoGo gives you amazing insights on what your existing and potential consumers care about, helping you to design and implement new practices effectively.


Let’s make ethical living easy

Why should you care about adopting sustainable and ethical business practices? Because you can’t afford not to. 
Knowing what your customers care about, and how that informs their spending, is priceless.


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