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“We are committed to reducing carbon emissions by 30% and minimising waste to landfill from our operations by 2020. Developing new ways to help our customers reduce their fossil fuel consumption and choosing suppliers and partners with that demonstrate support of Z’s sustainability activities.”



Carbon Conscious   Meridian continues to calculate and audit our carbon footprint, and we set targets for year on year reductions. We’ve adopted Cisco Jabber video conferencing to cut down on air travel and are changing our vehicle fleet to EVs.


Each year, we divert 390,577 kilograms of recyclables from landfill.

Supporting Communities   Across our KidsCan, Kākāpō Recovery Programme and Community Funds Meridian gives an estimated $1.5m a year to supporting NZ communities. In addition, our campaigns are specifically created to raise awareness for those we support with strong call to actions to encourage others to donate and support.


Each year, we divert 77,822 kilograms of organic waste from landfill.

Diversity Reporting   Meridian reports on gender balance across the business and specifically leadership roles. We support “Girls with High Vis” to actively encourage and support women into technical fields.

Encouraging Reusables

Each year, we avoid 2,619 items of disposable packaging from going to landfill.

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Supporting Communities

Each year, we donate $105,000 to help our communities and environment.

Supporting Ecosystems   Our impacts on biodiversity are mostly managed through projects funded by Meridian, designed in collaboration with local stakeholders when our consents were originally granted. We also fund additional projects over and above what is described in our resource consents.

Carbon Conscious

Each year, we prevent 58,128 tonnes of CO2-e from entering the atmosphere.

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We offer 1 product that is vegan.

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We offer 1 product that is vegetarian.

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Fair Trade

We offer 1 product that support the livelihoods of workers in developing countries.




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"What do I love about working at Z? Having my time going towards something that matters.”

— Tina Frew, Biofuels Strategy Manager

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“I like working here because the stuff that matters to me as a Kiwi, and a Mum, and a human, is also the stuff that matters to Z.”

— Sharne Fairbrother, People & Culture Manager

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“I like working at Z because it is a great place for personal growth, in a company that is genuinely committed to bringing out the best in people, and demonstrates its commitment through flexible working practices. It’s a place which is serious about wellbeing and work-life balance.”

— Hamish O’Brien, Strategy Manager


Z’s organisational purpose is ‘Solving what matters for a moving world’. We have always been honest that we are at the centre of the climate change problem, so we have the opportunity to be at the heart of the solution. We are conscious that we can have a material impact - positive or negative - on the environment that we operate in and the network of people and communities we affect. We’re working hard to do what we can to be climate-positive.

We’ve built New Zealand’s first commercial-scale biodiesel plant, in Wiri, South Auckland and we’re on our way to producing 20m litres of sustainable Z Bio-D per year. As far as we know, we’re the only company in the world to have undertaken building such a plant without a government subsidy or levy.

We work hard to incorporate sustainable practices - many of which you wouldn’t notice when you stop in with us (though you might have experienced that we don’t use single-use plastic bags)! We give away coffee grounds to gardeners, give you discounts for using your own reusable cups, use energy-efficient equipment in-store and reticulated water in our carwashes. We’ve also designed, developed, and supplied our very own modular on-site forecourt recycling bins. And created our very own fully-compostable coffee cups, which are picked up from Z sites and taken to commercial composting facilities, so we know they do break down.

Apart from the opportunity to reduce their environmental impacts we provide to our customers, we are also walking the talk with our staff. In our corporate offices we provide modular recycling bins, soft plastics recycling, hybrid car fleet, and set per-Business Unit reduction targets for flights. Our commitment to sustainability has changed conversations and practices within our team’s own lives too - it’s awesome to see our site staff really ‘get it’ and start to question and change their behaviour in terms of how they use things. That’s what makes me proudest.

— Gerri Ward, Retail Sustainability Manager

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