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The Powder Room

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A lot of products have been brought to us that have the right logo all over them, but when you start looking into the ingredients, and where they’re made, it doesn’t always match up. Transparency is vital to our ethos, so we commit to investigating whether there is a true organic colour alternative that we could stock by the end of 2019.




"For me, it’s really important to have a story so that when I hire people, they know from day one what we’re about. I have a salon vision for everybody, and that’s about inspiring both creatively and consciously. For me, sustainability is a responsibility that we have to our clients and the environment, and my staff hold me accountable to that!”

Lisa, Hairdresser & Salon Director



 “I came from another hair salon where I was aware of the amount of waste produced on a daily basis. It was really refreshing to enter an environment where sustainability is valued and knowledge is championed - Lisa challenges everything. I love it here.”

Danielle, Salon Coordinator



 “I wanted to work at The Powder Room because I saw that they were winning awards for their sustainability practices. I love that we work with ethical companies which don’t test on animals, are kind to your hair and the environment.”

Claire, Senior Stylist


Sustainable beauty is our vision for The Powder Room.

In Grandma's day, the Hair Salon was a daytime social gathering place for women; a place for friends to meet and be made while perms set and peroxide developed. Over time fashions changed, salons became barren and bleak and not much time was left for chatting to neighbours. Thankfully, The Powder Room sits perfectly between the comforts and ideals of the past, paying homage to days gone by. There are two floors; downstairs is dedicated to cutting, while rooms on the second floor are devoted to treatments, colour and special occasion hair. Each room has its own personality and being upstairs you are away from the hustle and bustle, able to enjoy great music, interesting magazines and a fun atmosphere.

Being a Sustainable salon, we are dedicated to making sure your own green and ethical values are met, our stylists all follow the same vision of one where we seek to inspire and to be inspired both creatively and consciously. All our products that we use are cruelty, sulphate and paraben free and our Kevin Murphy colour line is cruelty free and PPD free.