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By mid 2019, we're committed to gain new CC badges reflecting more sustainability efforts.





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“Being a part of CC has helped us to think more about how the various badges can effect change in us as a business and as a part of a community. Of course we were already aware of issues like our waste and our impact on the environment but being a part of this platform has encouraged us to think more about what our customers want and how they respond to issues like living wage for our staff, offering free range and veggie meals and NZ made products. It also helps us to set our sights on all the other badges we can work towards.”

— Callum, General Manager

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“Knowing that I am working for a place that is community driven gives me a great sense of pride. I have worked for large corporates and never had that feeling.”

— Jesse, Duty Manager


As individuals and as a business, we believe it is important to be aware of the impact we have on the environment. Because of that, we’re committed to incorporating ethical and sustainable practices across our business as much as possible.

Primarily we aim to use minimal packaging with our foods and we use eco packaging where packaging is needed. Minimising waste and reducing your footprint whilst using the most ethical products are all the right things to do. We recycle and use eco-packaging (it’s a no brainer), but more importantly we aim to use as little packaging, paper and expendables as possible. For us, it doesn’t matter if there’s slightly more cost - if it’s good for people and planet, it’s good for business.

By far the majority of everything we sell over the bar is NZ made, plus all the ingredients and raw meats that go into our food are locally sourced. Given the great local product available to us, this was an easy decision! A harder decision was going Free Range, as some of these products can be very expensive. But we decided it had to be done and hope that other businesses follow suit. We also try to have a great variety of choices for vegetarians and vegans - they deserve more options than just a bowl of chips!

We don’t just care about our environmental impact, but our social one too. Living Wage is a movement we absolutely support, and we were stoked to be the first Living Wage employer in Wellington. We’ve also done a number of fundraisers over our time here at R&V, supporting a range of charities that are close to our heart (including Rape Crisis, SPCA, and Kaibosh). We always have donation buckets on the bar and are really happy with the money we have raised for great causes.

As our owner Gwilyn says, we are trying here at R&V to evolve and are always looking to expand on where we are and where we can move into in the future. We are always looking at how we can be greener and more eco friendly in everyday within our business.