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By 2019, we are committed to bettering our recycling game and composting within our office. Since we work so hard on reducing our carbon footprint, we commit to working closely with the other companies in our office, and unify toward this goal.



Carbon Conscious   Meridian continues to calculate and audit our carbon footprint, and we set targets for year on year reductions. We’ve adopted Cisco Jabber video conferencing to cut down on air travel and are changing our vehicle fleet to EVs.

Carbon Conscious

4.2 tonnes CO2-e reduced, every year, from entering the atmosphere.

SDGs addressed: 7 (affordable and clean energy), 13 (climate action)

Supporting Communities   Across our KidsCan, Kākāpō Recovery Programme and Community Funds Meridian gives an estimated $1.5m a year to supporting NZ communities. In addition, our campaigns are specifically created to raise awareness for those we support with strong call to actions to encourage others to donate and support.


1,750 kgs of recyclables are diverted from landfill every year.

SDGs addressed: 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 14 (life below water)

Diversity Reporting   Meridian reports on gender balance across the business and specifically leadership roles. We support “Girls with High Vis” to actively encourage and support women into technical fields.

Living Wage

9 staff paid the living wage every year.

SDGs addressed: 1 (no poverty), 8 (decent work and environment growth), 10 (reduced inequalities)

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Low Emission Vehicles

18 low emission vehicles offered for sale or use every year.

SDGs addressed: 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 13 (climate action)




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"I like working at Mevo because no day is the same - our vision is the same throughout the whole team, but we use our own skills, alongside the support of the rest of the team, to build Mevo through creativity, innovation, and passion.

I care about the share economy - I think the world is overwrought with an unnecessary amount of stuff! I believe that through all aspects of the share economy that people will have access to everything they need, and create a more cooperative world. I believe Mevo is a huge step in not only the share economy, but also in using this concept to create a climate positive world.”

— Sophia Rizos, Head of Growth and Community

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“Coming from a traditional car rental and fleet background, I've experienced years of inefficient, administrative ... yawn... It is invigorating to be completely turning the old way on its head with Mevo's vision which literally unlocks a better ride with two click of your phone. By sharing vehicles more efficiently between us, we can all afford to drive more safe reliable climate positive vehicles - without any of the hassle.”

— Phil Burgess, Head of Mobility


Mevo is on a mission to not only make transportation simple and easy for our members, but to be climate positive in everything we do!

We’re really proud of the way we’re able to take positive action on climate change - we reduce our emissions by charging our hybrid electric cars on New Zealand's 80% renewable grid, and we offset anything else our fleet emits by 120%. In fact, carbon offsetting is built into our pricing, so our members are lessening their own carbon footprint too (not just Mevo’s as a company). Our commitment to this climate positive approach means that we’re leaving a net deficit in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with every kilometre a Mevo vehicle drives.

All our CO2 offsets come from our internationally certified, community-based rainforest carbon projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Each project is a community enterprise designed to help the indigenous peoples who own these forests.

While commitment to climate is at the core of our business, we still want to do more for the planet within our office too! We function as mostly paperless, and certainly recycle, but are committing to building a comprehensive composting area into our space. Through our connections with other climate positive companies, our team members are also getting more informed about making better choices themselves. We’ve got staff members now who are starting to take steps to be more conscious themselves - bringing their own containers, shopping plastic free etc.

We want to empower people to have a sustainable choice to get them from A to B (whether that’s using a Mevo, walking or cycling). Through our product offering we want our members and the world to be healthier, and we will do this by getting more cars off the road, supporting our sustainability projects, and giving back to our communities in any way we can.

Stylish, convenient and sustainable, give Mevo a try next time you need a ride. Use our special discount code CC15 to get $15 of drive credit for FREE when you sign up. Awesome!