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"I still remember an article about climate change from 10 years or so ago on Stuff.co.nz and there was a quiz alongside it where people were asked if they believed in climate change. A staggering 60 or so percent chose the ‘it’s not real’ option - I couldn’t believe it. Things like this have driven me to run the business with the lowest environmental footprint possible.”

Steve Logan, Managing Director



 “Growing up in the country I was surrounded by the ‘Clean, Green New Zealand’, I want to do my part in keeping that for the next generation.”

Chris Walker, Head Chef



 “Starting as a junior waitress, and working my way through the business has been great seeing all the ins and outs of the day to day running and what we can do as a business to help our community and environment.”

Rebecca Worthington, Operations Manager


At Logan Brown, you'll experience a welcoming, inspiring and genuine taste of our place, our people and the produce that makes you proud to be a New Zealander.

We want to create the world we want within our own four walls, and we want to be good citizens. The Directors and team are committed to minimising the businesses impact on the environment with an aim to eliminate as much pollution and waste as is possible within the limitations of our operation and to be a benchmark by which other restaurant and cafes can compare their environmental performance against.