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We are committed to measure and reduce our carbon emissions during 2018/19 which includes an absolute commitment to moving to a fully electric vehicle fleet.






"Trees, people and technology sums up Green Cabs as a company, but for me personally it has transitioned me from being very business focused, to being very people focused, and I am enriched beyond measure by that.”

— Rob Wheeler, General Manager




“I have been here since April 2018 and we have a great team. Everyone is down to earth we are all on the same page and family orientated, helping each other to achieve our goals as the saying goes, we are all on the same Waka going in the same direction.”

— Lua Uelese, Wellington Regional Manager


We’ve always focused on getting the fundamentals right: taking care of our drivers, our customers, and the environment. We really are prioritising people and our planet, but it’s not a marketing spiel - we’re doing it because it’s just the right thing to do.

We’ve been planting trees right from day one and haven’t swayed from our commitment of an eco fleet that offsets its emissions. Through our partnership with Trees For the Future and Trees For Survival, we’re now planting 5,000 trees a month, with a focus on native regeneration. All of our staff muck in to planting at least one day a year too. It’s great fun and a really positive way for us to all see the impact of our sustainability commitment!

It’s awesome to know that we’re currently running carbon positive (based on the amount of trees we’ve planted vs. the estimated emissions of our fleet). What’s even better is knowing that we’re also great value for customers, because a low-emission fleet is more economical to run.

We value the communities that our drivers come from and we’re proud of Green Cab’s diversity. Many are working hard to support families both here in NZ and back in their home country, and it’s important to us that we understand these complexities and help where we can. Working with, and accommodating a diverse team, means that ideas and values flow both ways. We’re creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued.

We’d love to see other businesses doing their part for the environment. To encourage this, we sponsor environmental awards and openly share information with other cab companies about the long term benefits and savings that can be realised with an EV fleet.

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