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During 2019, we will learn what matters most to our customers and use these insights to improve our commitments to conscious business practices.



Carbon Conscious   Meridian continues to calculate and audit our carbon footprint, and we set targets for year on year reductions. We’ve adopted Cisco Jabber video conferencing to cut down on air travel and are changing our vehicle fleet to EVs.


Each year, we divert 1,716 kilograms of recyclables from landfill.

Diversity Reporting   Meridian reports on gender balance across the business and specifically leadership roles. We support “Girls with High Vis” to actively encourage and support women into technical fields.


Each year, we save 2,548 containers from potentially going to landfill.

Impact Badge - Supporting Communities.png

Supporting Communities

We donate $2,875 to help our communities and environment every year.

Supporting Ecosystems   Our impacts on biodiversity are mostly managed through projects funded by Meridian, designed in collaboration with local stakeholders when our consents were originally granted. We also fund additional projects over and above what is described in our resource consents.

Sustainable Forestry

We offer 25 products that are made from wood sourced from sustainable forests.

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Fair Trade

We offer 20 products that support the livelihoods of workers in developing countries.

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NZ Made

We offer 20 products that are made in New Zealand.

Impact Badge - No Child Labour.png

No Child Labour

We offer 20 products that have not been made with child labour.

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No Slave Labour

We offer 20 products that have not been made by slave labour.




"My name is on the store and I take personal responsibility for what we sell and our values. I’m proud to be in our 28th year of business and love hearing from customers about the joy their Cranfields goods are giving them many years after purchasing.

We have long-standing relationships with our many makers and we take seriously the fact that they rely on us to support and promote them, that’s why we take so much pride in our store presentation and service.

Our design aesthetic isn’t dictated by current trends; rather it’s a celebration of simplicity, quality and enduring style. We are eclectic in our offering – it’s a store filled with surprises.”

Nicola, Owner



 “Once you meet the people behind the products that made them, it’s so much easier to sell them because you know it’s going to benefit the person that made them.”

Malcolm, Store Manager



 “You don’t often associate homewares with sustainability - it’s nice to work somewhere that is changing that view. We hope that products we offer will be passed down the generations, rather than being thrown away. People come in here and see things that they absolutely love - so they keep them forever.”

Katie, Customer Care and Marketing Guru


Cranfields is a very special store brimming with unique gifts, homewares and furniture.

What makes Cranfields stand out is the eclectic mix of high quality products with an emphasis on simplicity and enduring style. Situated in the Wellington CBD, this stunning store with timber floors and large windows is a lovely backdrop to their ethically sourced collections. Cranfields boasts a wide range of New Zealand made objects and furniture that are built to be treasured for generations. Authentic customer care is a key component to this store with knowledgeable staff that strive to make the customer experience enjoyable and informative. There are fascinating stories behind the products, about their makers and the special locations they hail from.