Day 7 : Watch movies on sustainability


Don’t know what to do this weekend ?

How about cozying up on the couch with some homemade zero waste popcorn ? Plus learning something new from these documentaries on sustainability, wellbeing and climate change. I haven’t seen all of these but general consensus says they are worth a watch !

  1. TOMORROW (2014)

    “Showing solutions, telling a feel-good story… this may be the best way to solve the ecological, economical and social crises that our countries are going through. After a special briefing for the journal Nature announced the possible extinction of a part of mankind before the end of the 21st century, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, together with a team of four people, carried out an investigation in ten different countries to figure out what may lead to this disaster and above all how to avoid it. During their journey, they met the pioneers who are re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. Joining those concrete and positive actions which are already working, they began to figure out what could be tomorrow's world.” (Source)

  2. Cowspiracy (2014)

    “Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn examine the livestock industry and its impact on the environment in Cowspiracy. As their research progresses, they find it increasingly difficult to find trustworthy data on the environmental consequences of animal farming activity, especially on an industrial level. Through interviews with NGOs and politicians, they discover that perhaps all is not being done by the nature defense associations themselves to bring about sustainable livestock farming. Could it consist of a large-scale conspiracy involving secret interests?” (Source)

  3. Our planet (2019)

    “The ambitious four-year project has been filmed in 50 countries across all the continents of the world, with crew capturing more than three and a half thousand filming days, and will focus on the breadth of the diversity of habitats around the world, from the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and diverse jungles of South America.” (Source)

  4. More than Honey (2012)

    “A new documentary by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof, is looking into the fascinating world of bees, showing small family beekeepers (including the beekeeper of ERSTE Foundation beehive, Heidrun Singer) and industrialized honey farms. It is a film on the relationship between mankind and honeybees, about nature and about our future. Honeybees show us that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth, that crises and disasters are triggering evolution and that salvation sometimes comes from a completely unexpected direction.” (Source)

  5. The 11th Hour (2007)

    “Produced and directed by actor Leonardo di Caprio, this documentary shows data from experts like scientist Stephen Hawking to former USSR Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev. Tremendous weather phenomena, such as hurricanes, extreme droughts, and floods originate in climate change. Global warming and human activity effects. DiCaprio tells us about those drastic solutions to restore ecosystems, and urges us to implement these measures as soon as possible.” (Source)

  6. The True Cost (2015)

    “This is a story about clothing. It's about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?” (Source)

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