Day 6 : Make your own cosmetics

Happy Friday, everyone ! If you’re like me and staying home on this cold evening, it’s a great time to do some experimenting with making your own cosmetics !

But why ? Why is it good to make your own cosmetics?


First of all, making your own cosmetics will save you A LOT of money ! Initially it might seem like you are spending much more than you normally would on products, but it’s only because you are buying all the individual ingredients, usually all at once, if you are just getting started. But this bulk buying will pay off in the long run ! Your current products were probably not bought all in one go and have accumulated over the years. This one-off bulk purchase will help you get started and after that you will rarely need to top up on ingredients. You will also save money on some ingredients since a lot of cosmetics are made from products you may already have around the house : coconut oil, coffee grounds, honey…

They will last longer… you will see that the ingredients you use to make the cosmetics will last up to six times longer than the ones you buy ! Be careful with the cream based products, we recommend to make them in small doses and to refrigerate them.


You know exactly what they are made of and what you put into your body ! Did you know that everything you apply on your skin is absorbed into your body ? And do you know all the ingredients written on the back of your shampoo and if they are safe for your skin & body ? Even if many products state that they are all natural, it doesn’t always mean it is. Many beauty products (e.g. nail polish, perfumes, deodorants) contain phthalates (DEP or DBP), which are bad for your liver and stomach. You might also know propylene glycol (PEG or PPG), which can cause eye irritation. When making your own products, you are 100% sure of what’s inside.


Better for the environment and animals ! When buying new body products you also inevitably buy more packaging (plastic, paper, glass and other materials) that are not always recyclable, contributing to resource depletion, and ever-growing waste going to landfill. By making your own products you will reuse and recycle the containers. Plus, you will be sure that the products aren’t tested on animals.


It’s educational ! You will definitely learn about your skin and body’s needs, like what kind of products have a negative reaction or what does your body love. You can then use this learning to make your own products without the aid of a tutorial, which is pretty cool and empowering.


They are great as gifts ! Use your knowledge of beauty DIY know-how to surprise your friends and family with lovely homemade products. A personal touch goes a long way and people really appreciate the effort!



Learn how to make your own lipstick & blush, deodorant, shampoo, moisturiser, facial mask, hair mask, bath bombs, mascara, and many more. Just type ‘DIY eco-friendly cosmetics in your search bar !

Don’t have time to make your own products ? Check out some good businesses that make ethical and/or zero waste beauty products ! Cranfields, Ethique, Oh Natural, Lush Cosmetics


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