Day 29: How to convince others to be more sustainable

Living a sustainably lifestyle is important for the future of our environment, now more than ever. Unfortunately, convincing people to break the consumerism habit is very hard, especially proving to them why they should do it in the first place. If you need convince to make the switch, or help convince others to make the switch, have a read of how to reach the seemingly unreachable:

  • Make it personal - for most, the issue of climate change still feels like a very far away issue, such as the polar bears losing there homes on the ice, as well as the pacifistic islanders loosing there land due to rising waters. Focus on what going to happen in your area because climate change

“After Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers get sea level rise; Californians now get what long-term drought looks like. Messages can build on those local stories, or on current health effects, like asthma that’s already a result of air pollution.” (Source)

  • Be positive - all we hear about at the moment is how much forestation we are losing and how many specie we are losing due to our actions on this planet. Try conniving them the posties of making a change, or even how the world is getting better! for example, solar energy is getting cheaper! (Source)

  • Suggest Actions that are visible and consistent - people are more likely to not take on a change to their life style if they cannot see a visible outcome to the change. Recommending frequent flyers to offset their emissions when flying is a good way to start. So that they can see how much good they can do by just a few clicks! Check out one site Here

  • Constantly remind them of small things - if you politely poke someone over a period of time, they may change their minds over there currently lifestyle choices. I annoyed my flatmate for ages and how he used plastic bags while going to the local market, now he knows that I’ll bring it up if I see it, so he doesn’t do it anymore. How ever you take this step, keep it kind and fun rather than scaring them to change their lifestyle.


Though it might not be easy, but if we can convince those around us to change one small thing now, and slowly get them to change to a sustainable lifestyle later on, it’ll be much better for our planet in the long run than just giving up on the unreachable.