Day 28: SOB (Sustainability on a budget)

Let’s face it, life is expensive. But wanting to stay sustainable is still very important to all of us. The unfortunate truth is that buying a expensive reusable item will save the money in the long run, but we can understand the problem of not being able to afford that big spend right now. Fear not, there are simple solutions to start your sustainability train or keep that train going along the tracks of life!

  • Ditch the plastic produce bags - cashiers don’t care if you have a produce bag on your produce, it’s your food after all! Worried about germs? Give the produce a wash with apple cider vinegar when you get home, or boil them like crazy.

  • Make coffee at home or at work - avoid the single-use cup AND the keep cup! Just use a regular old mug, guys. It doesn’t have to be fancy or pretty.

  • Send bills to your email instead of paper bills - this doesn’t cost you anything, but saves energy.

  • Swap to a bamboo tooth brush ONLY when your last plastic one is on its last legs.

  • Shop at a local farmers’ market for your produce or buy produce in season - often cheaper and always better tasting without all the pesticides; shopping local if you can is a fantastic way to help our planet.

  • Measure your food - stop food waste by measuring the amount of food you need to feed yourself (or your flat) and have a lot of food left over for the rest of the week’s meals.

  • Refuse stuff - saying no to plastic straws, plastic containers, paper bags doesn’t have a cost!

  • Walk to places if you can - enjoy the sound of the outdoors, even in a concrete jungle! Save money on petrol or bus fares, and do your body some good.

  • When needing to replace something, always buy something that will last because this will save you money in the long run

  • Buy secondhand - it’s so much cheaper, you’ll find some really unique items, and it’s much better for the planet

  • Borrow - need a dress for a friend’s wedding? Ask family or friends if they have something you could borrow for the occasion, since you probably don’t really need a new dress that’s just going to hang in your closet until the next occasion.

Every little bit counts, even when you’re on a tight budget, so celebrate every small step to help our home stay green and healthy.