Day 26: Sustainability in small spaces

As an apartment dweller myself, I understand the struggle of wanting to try live a sustainable lifestyle but having the restrictions of not having a garden or balcony to grow your own food of have an outside compost, as well as the building itself not having a composting or recycling system in place, but fear not!

I have some solutions from the people of the internet, as well as some I have figured out myself through trial and error for all the other apparent dwellers reading this to try out:

  • Don’t let the building stop you from recycling! Find out business near you that have their own recycling bins and put your recycling in theirs, and if none near you don’t, enquirer about why

  • There are plenty of urban compost bins that do not smell available on the internet. Check one option on Another Way. Then empty your compost at a local community compost or in a local garden

  • Switch to LED light bulbs if possible

  • Electrical appliances can use power on stand by, turn the power off at the socket before leaving the house

  • Any bulk stores near-by? Re-fill your groceries instead of buying unnecessary packaging from the supermarket

  • Like online grocery shopping but hate the amount of bags they use when delivering? Ask about options of paper bags, and if your picking up, ask for the groceries to not be in bags and bring your own

  • Research your local area and see if what sustainable shopping options are near by, or check the CoGo app for what’s near you

  • Landlord loves you? Sagest sustainable swaps for appliances when the old ones break down

  • Cool and Heat Eco! Consider the space you want to warm or cool, close the door to heat up the room your spending time int to not waste power during winter, and create a wind flow through the apartment by opening the windows on each side during summer

Just because of the restrictions of your space, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a sustainable lifestyle! Give it a try! Just remember, every little bit counts.