Day 24: Switch to LED lights


How to reduce your annual electricity usage and power bill ?

“A typical New Zealand household could save between $100 and $150 a year on its power bill by switching to LED lightbulbs - but half of us still haven't bothered.” (Source)

Compared to an incandescent bulb, a LED bulb will use up to 85% less power for the same amount of light provided and will last at least 15,000 hours, which is more than 15 times longer.

However some consumers argue that when replacing their standard lightbulb to LED they would find that the new bulb seemed brighter. As a solution, when buying your new LED lightbulb, you might want to use the wattage of the old bulb as a guide. The packaging of LEDs usually indicates the equivalent wattage of incandescent bulbs that produce a similar brightness.

Some interesting numbers about lighting :

  • It represents 10 to 15% of our yearly electricity usage

  • On average, there are 25 light-bulbs per household

  • Switching to LED lightbulbs saves at least 100$ a year

In 2017, 570 million tonnes of CO² were reduced from entering the atmosphere thanks to LED light-bulbs, the equivalent of 160 coal-fired power plant or lowering the world’s carbon footprint of 1.5%.