Day 17 : Buy local


Why buy local products ?

Are you tired of shopping in crowded supermarkets where everybody is rushed, having no clue of where the products are shipped from, too much unnecessary packaging and not enough products that align with your values? Why not giving local shopping a shot?

Here are the reasons why you should shop more locally:


Fresh Food Available

Unlike at your supermarket where the food is bought and then transported and stored for who knows how long, when you buy your food at the the farmers’ market, it comes directly from that specific farmer, picked themselves within the week!


Less Packaging Involved

By 2050, oceans are predicted to hold more plastic than fish. Plastic is a global issue and you can fight against it by choosing naked fruit and veges over supermarket plastic wrap veges. When buying local, most items sold have a limited packaging, so think about bringing your own reusable bag.


Helps the Local Economy

When you buy local, it stays local. Which means more jobs created in your town, making the community prosper as well as connecting the locals together. That way, your money will help businesses that are local to you as well as your neighbours.


It’s Better For the Planet

Buying local not only reduces waste from packaging but also the use of fossil fuels. You will be comforted by knowing where the food is coming from and how it was produced. You can also ask less of:

What types of pesticides or herbicides are being used on your produce? Does the farmer use any form of permaculture?
Does that natural body butter contain ingredients that use palm oil?

It will help you connect with your food and allow you to choose healthier and more sustainable choices for your lifestyle.