Day 13 : Make your own cleaning products


Why should you start making your own cleaning products ?

Do you know the actual impact of your manufactured cleaning products ? They might your house smell nice and look clean, but they could be creating more harm than you realise. To clean your house, you don’t need major chemicals or plastic-wrapped cleaning products but actually only a few basic and inexpensive products that you can find in any grocery store, and the reasons to go green are endless.


It’s cheaper !

Making your own products costs much less than buying them in store, sometimes less than $1 to make compared to $5 to $15 per store-bought bottle. To start your DIY products you will need a few products : white vinegar, baking soda, liquid castile soap, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, salt.


It’s easy and fun

Seems overwhelming ? Don’t worry, if you are able to measure liquid into a tablespoon or a cup you will be able to make your own green cleaners. In several minutes, you can make multiple DIY cleaning products that will last up to several months.


It’s safer and healthier

By making your own products you lessen your exposure to nasty chemicals such as carcinogens, hormone and respiratory disruptors, skin irritants, asthmagens. Even though there are some safe or eco brands in store, most of them still contain many chemicals which go into the air we breathe and onto our skin. A DIY recipe just needs a few natural and safe ingredients.

Some common toxic chemicals to watch out for : fragrance, sodium borate, ammonium, glycol ethers, sodium laureth sulfates, formaldehyde, artificial colours/dyes and bleach.


It’s better for the environment

The chemicals that are found in conventional cleaning products are toxic to humans and also to our environment, in particular to our sea life. They are not entirely removed by wastewater treatment plants, don’t break down, persist in the environment and are toxic to aquatic life.


Learn how to make your own products here!

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