Day 1 : Vote with your wallet


Welcome to Sustainable September! Over the next 30 days we’re going to give you a ton of tips, recipes, resources, DIYs and hacks to help you become a more conscious consumer. Since we’re only on Day 1, we will start small, with an action step that only takes about one minute.

What is one of the easiest ways to make an impact?

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” - Anna Lappe

When you buy anything - whether it’s your groceries, your meal at a restaurant, or clothes online - you are supporting that business. You’re telling them to keep going, keep selling those products, because you want to buy them. You are indirectly voting for that product simply by buying it, and the business has no idea what you care about, except that you want them to keep stocking this product. Maybe you like the product but you don’t like that it’s wrapped in plastic. Or maybe you’d be a lot happier if it was ethically made. Businesses have no way of knowing this, unless you call them, write to them, send feedback, or simply stop buying from them altogether.

What if you could directly tell businesses what you care about, without having to say a word? What if you could let them know that you want them to change and that you’d support them more if they started doing the right thing?

We have the solution. CoGo empowers you to help businesses take action on the global issues that, ultimately, impact all of us. What you care about matters, and now it can make a difference. We convert every transaction you make at a registered CoGo business into a vote for the world you want.

You may even have more power at the checkout line than at the voting booth. In this new age of consumer-activism, when you buy something from a company you are sending a very powerful message. And you can use this power for good.

How to get started ? Download the CoGo App if you haven’t already, select your values and then link your payment cards to your account to increase your voting power. Spending with a linked card lets you anonymously advocate for the good practices you want to see at each CoGo store you shop at, every time you spend. Linking your card also allows you to start tracking your own good spending history, and brush up on the things that stores you’re supporting are doing to be better.

Your privacy is our number one priority: your personal identifying details are never shared with businesses, and the payment card details we collect to link your spending to your values are securely locked down by Paymark. Read more about how we protect your information here.

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