Kiwi values at Logan Brown


Logan Brown is a fine dining establishment located in Te Aro, Wellington. Repurposed from a high-ceilinged bank, the restaurant focuses on rich contemporary Kiwi dishes and a renewed responsibility to our environment.


Though owner Steve Logan was aware of the environmental issues plaguing our earth for a while, and although he was conscious and a member of GreenPeace and other environmental organisations, he had not channeled those values into his business. That is, until Logan watched the 2009 British documentary “The Age of Stupid” – a film that showcased a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, watching archival footage from the mid to late 2000s and asking “Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?” The harrowing events of the film sparked something in Logan, something that changed his perspective about the environment.


From then on, he wanted to reduce his carbon footprint, especially through his business. In the years following, his restaurant underwent several audits by EnviroMark, he has held several fundraisers for 350 Aotearoa, an international group dedicated to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide, and has implemented many environmentally friendly practices in both his restaurants Logan Brown and Grill Meats Beer. Through engaging his team and altering his business focus, Logan was able to change his restaurants for good. As a restaurateur, Logan believes he is in a position to influence consumers through empowerment, by showing them where they can make a difference and how they can use their economic power for good.


His goal aside from reducing carbon emissions is to “share a taste of our place with the community, everything that makes Kiwis special”. The Māori culture stresses the importance of taking care of the environment. Three main components of implementing that culture into his restaurant operations are kia ora, kai, and kaitiakitanga.  The Māori greeting kia ora translates to “have life” and it represents the service that Logan and his employees strive to give their customers on a daily basis. Kai is a Māori concept of food or any form of nourishment, such as knowledge. Finally, the concept of kaitiakitanga is the process and practices of protecting and looking after the environment. A kaitiaki is a guardian of the land, sky and sea, and Logan Brown intends to serve as one of the many guardians of New Zealand.