How to have a sustainable weekend

I went to a cricket game last week. My heart was crushed by all of the plastic. I was surrounded by thousands upon thousands of single-use plastic cups. It was every conscious consumer’s worst nightmare. I went home feeling devastated (even though New Zealand won).

But I admit: I didn’t always feel this way. I grew up in America, where my mom would throw our wet clothes into the dryer even on a sunny day - and here I thought my mom was a good, ethical, conscious lady! Obviously not! We just didn’t know any better. We weren’t aware of how our tiny daily wasteful actions might be contributing to the world’s problems.


Nobody is perfect. Don’t beat yourself up. We can’t do everything right all of the time. But as much as those tiny daily wasteful actions can hurt the world, tiny daily waste-free actions can help. You don’t have to be Sustainability Superhuman to make a difference. You can be exactly who you are right now, but just a little bit better, and you can start this weekend.

Simply repeat after me:

I, __________, will Bring My Own Bags everywhere I go this weekend. And every day thereafter. I’ll put them in my car, my bike, my dog’s collar, my pockets, under my hat and in my shoes. If I spend any money this weekend, it’ll be on - you guessed it - more bags


Along with my beloved omnipresent reusable bags, I will Bring My Own Bottle. If I can’t find one I like in the deep recesses of my kitchen pantry, I will go get one from New World because they are giving them away for free (well, free if you spend $150 on groceries)!

I will give my car a rest this weekend and give my legs a workout, and I will like it!

On my walk, when I see a lonely could-be-recycled item blowing sadly in the wind, I will give it a home in its appropriate recycling receptacle. But I don’t know what the appropriate recycling receptacle is!! Phew - CoGo to the rescue.


If I buy something new, I will say ‘No thank you, I don’t need the bag.’ Wait a minute. I won’t buy anything new. I’m heading to the op shop - my bank account and planet will thank me for it!

Ok. Maybe it’s not the most sustainable weekend EVER, but it’s something, right?

What are you going to do sustainably this weekend? Tag us @cogo_nz on your weekend Instagram post - mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most conscious consumer of them all?