New World Island Bay is reducing and reusing

Minimising packing and waste is the issue most Conscious Consumers care about, so it's great to see businesses taking the lead to reduce waste, just like Amanda Elliot from New World Island Bay.


New World Island Bay have introduced reusable produce bags to cut down on the amount of plastic that gets thrown away and work towards a more environmentally-friendly supermarket. These colourful bags are perfect to put your fresh fruit and vegetables in, and a great replacement for a single-use plastic bag.
They are embracing sustainability in plenty of other ways as well; they only stock cage free eggs, recycle 90% of their waste and have switched to LED lighting across the store. They are also part of wider New World initiatives, including banning microbeads from all of their products and switching to 100% recyclable meat trays.


“We want to work with our customers to reduce the number of plastic bags we use as much as possible. Many Island Bay customers are amazing with the use of re-usable shopping bags and we saw this as an opportunity to encourage customers to start bringing reusable bags for individual products as well.”

– Amanda Elliot, Owner Operator at Island Bay New World

Amanda Elliot

We need to do better New Zealand!


A new report has labelled New Zealand the most wasteful developed nation in the world, with over 30% more waste per capita than the United States, and more than double the waste per capita of the United Kingdom. We produce on average 3.7kgs of waste per person per day, and take home about 700 million supermarket bags a year, enough to cover the Auckland CBD 29 times. 

There are heaps of ways we can each make a difference and reduce the waste we create - and using reusable bags at supermarkets is a great start! Together, with the support of businesses wanting to make positive change, we can do this. Come on NZ! 


Waste Report

Katy Wilson