Welcoming delicious Green Time to Conscious Consumers


We’re excited to welcome Green Time, an Auckland-based vegan eatery to Conscious Consumers. Yahoo! The creation of ex-young lawyer Kitty Lin, Green Time was borne out of a desire to better improve and maintain a pristine environment that we Kiwis love so dearly. Producing a series of wholesome and low-impact eats are part of Kitty’s mission for a better world, which started out as a side project. Green Time has now become a permanent and very welcome fixture in Auckland’s CBD.


Located on Fort Street, central Auckland, diners are just a short walk from CBD offices meaning an easily accessible healthy lunch is at their fingertips. 

As you cruise into Green Time the feature wall is adorned with a striking mural, a tribute to the values that Kitty and her team have brought to Green Time, bringing through in their food.

From the outset the restaurant has been vegan by design, but has encompassed other requirements including those who have nut allergies. It’s safe to say Green Time has created an environment where even the most hardcore dietary requirements can be satisfied by the culinary team. Thanks Green Time!

That's another rad business accredited with Conscious Consumers! 🎊

We’ve not only fallen in love with the scrumptious eats Green Time has imagined into existence, but their practices have left us very much smitten. Making sure to only source what they need in order to minimise excess, all waste from Green Time is then either recycled or added to compost to ensure a sustainability in their environmental impact.

Vegan eats and delicious treats has propelled Green Time towards success in the cuisine-filled Auckland market. Accredited for our BYO, Composting, Eco-packaging, and Recycling badges, Green Time has fully embraced a sustainable and values-driven approach to succulent food we just can’t get enough of.

Keep a lookout on the Conscious Consumers app (Google Play, App Store) for the latest voucher featuring Green Time: Bring your own container and receive a discount on your main!

We’re stoked to have Kitty and her team onboard!


Anna Geiserman