5 places to get ethical, winter fashion in New Zealand.

Where do your clothes come from? Who makes them? How are they treated? How does the production impact the environment? Are suppliers paid a fair price?

The world is waking up quickly to the importance of understanding where clothes get made, how workers and suppliers get treated and the impact of production on the environment. More and more people believe turning a blind eye isn’t good enough anymore.

When you sign up to Conscious Consumers, register your values and download the app we make it really easy to find good ethical clothing. If you’re looking for warm winter clothes, here are 5 great places who have been accredited with us for a good business practices.

Shopping here will leave you feeling good on the side inside, supporting good businesses, as well as looking great in new clothes too!

1) Tummah Ethical Trade

Looking for Fairtrade undies?

Tummah are upfront about their mission championing organic, fairtrade clothing and making it more accessible.

They are NZ’s first stockists of world leading ethical underwear Mighty Good Undies, super fashionable shirts and skirts from No Nasties, you’ll even find ethical produced winter sports gear from Jinta. You can be sure that if it’s stocked at Tummah it’s going to be hitting a high standard of integrity and ethics.

2) Sitka

Sitka is an online retailer with a fiercely mission driven business:

Our goal is to inspire an accountability to nature and move towards a balance between conservation and consumerism. The strategy is simple: leave it (the Earth, the industry, and our community) better than we found it.

You’ll find stylish street wear, outdoor gear and accessories designed to help you make the most of the outdoors, without destroying them in the process. Check our their great organic hoodies designed to last you through many winters.

An institution on Wellington’s Cuba Street, Mandatory has carved out a reputation for locally designed, locally produced, world class high end men's fashion. Most of their garments are made in their own workroom with new, unique items designed and shipped every week.

If you’re wanting to invest in quality fashion that will serve you for a lifetime - check them out.

4) Kathmandu

Kathmandu have been helping to lead the way towards responsible mass market retail for a long time. They have joined our insight programme to continue to improve their understanding of what really matters to their consumers and continue their journey of constantly improving their impact on the world.

Check our their line of cruelty free, responsible down jackets. They will warm you all the way through.


5) WE-AR

WE-AR have built a business making conscious decisions towards kindness every step of the way. They have a clear 3 fold mission:

Empowered individuals, thriving families

Conscious collaboration, active engagement, reinvestment of profits

Mindfully made in harmony, because we care

You’ll find beautiful yoga and activewear alongside stylish urban wear on their website. Their organic cotton hoodies are beautiful.

You can also be assured that every effort has been made to ensure everyone involved in the process has been treated well. They have been accredited by us as a living wage supplier.

10kAnna Geiserman