6 questions with film maker David White

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Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?


Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

I am a film maker, BBQ sauce creator and wooden bowl turner. I have recently made a film called MEAT that is coming to cinemas on May 4th 2017 - find out more at www.meat.film.

What does conscious consumerism mean to you?

For me, conscious consumerism means constantly researching and doing your best to confirm that your moral basis for decision making is correct. Then once you know the answer, you consume by those morals.

What are the most important social and environmental problems you think businesses can help to solve?

Waste. I think we have a huge amount of waste, from food to plastic and packaging. I wish they would ask if everyone if they needed a bag for their shopping. Or encouraged people properly to use keep cups. Kokako in Auckland offers a fifty cent discount to people who use their keep cup. That is real incentive and shows they care enough for it to affect their $ bottom line.

What do you think consumers can do to have a bigger influence in our world?

Don't buy things that you are morally against. If you see something that is produced or packaged or marketed in a way that does not align with your values, it's simple. Don't buy it. You probably don't NEED it anyway.

The last time you made a ‘conscious’ purchase decision - what did you buy and where did you buy it from?

You make a conscious decision every time you make a purchase, so for me it's not just about being conscientious when making one large purchase but trying to think about everything I buy. For example, just in the last week I bought new glasses from a local optometrist as opposed to buying from overseas, and I ate at La Boca Loca and Boquita, both of which are restaurants that pay a living wage and use 100% compostable packaging. We also had a party at my house and we got fish from Yellow Brick Road (a line caught fishing company). Obviously all of these things are slightly more expensive, however in my mind that is the cost of business when it's done the way I feel it should be done.

What consumer-oriented technological change are you most excited about seeing in the future?

I think when we talk about getting to 100% renewable energy, the overall consensus is that technological change is the answer. Mostly people talk about renewable energy sources like solar and wind, but I feel like in the mainstream we should be talking more about things like temperature management. If you look at the dairy industry they're starting to use cooler climates to reduce energy consumption, and in slightly more technological areas, companies like Weta Digital are using dairy farming technology to cool their computers so they can render larger shots, scenes and movies more efficiently. As society gets more and more energy intensive, I'm looking forward to seeing innovations in how people manage energy use, as well as how it's sourced.


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Anna Geiserman