Kathmandu stepping forward

What you care about can change the way businesses operate.

We believe businesses have a big part to play in making our world fairer, cleaner, safer and better for everyone.

As a consumer, you are powerful. By making conscious choices about where you spend your money you can help change the world for the better.

At Conscious Consumers our mission is to ensure your values matter to businesses, just as much as your dollars. We want to see a world where your values and what you care about helps to inform business decisions and change the world for the better.

Kathmandu steps forward and listens to customers.

We’re stoked to announce that Kathmandu is part of a growing group of businesses in New Zealand who have joined us as an insight partner. These businesses are listening, celebrating and -most importantly- taking steps to make improvements and changes based on what their consumers care about.

Now, when you join Conscious Consumers and shop at Kathmandu, you’ll be seen as more than just a dollar figure. Every dollar you spend will be giving your values a voice.

Over the past 2 months, 176 Conscious Consumers have shopped at Kathmandu stores across the country and spent $20,979.43 in participating Kathmandu stores. Making these dollar figures visible is the very beginning to businesses changing their practices to better align with consumer values.

What do these Conscious Consumers care about?


As well as promoting responsible travel, Kathmandu are very transparent on how they measure and reduce waste. They recently implemented soft plastics recycling into seven of their stores in New Zealand as part of the new plastics recycling program. They also have a customer clothing donation program for unwanted clothing which they then donate to the Red Cross. You can read more about waste in the retail sector on their website.


Widening our reach, and your impact.

NZ is full of business leaders who understand that the ‘conscious economy’ is already here, and that it’s time to take it seriously.

We’re working with a growing list of businesses big and small across the country who genuinely care about engaging with their customers values. We’re working to help these businesses make practical steps towards changing their practices and improving how they work - starting by listening to what their customers care about it.

If you haven’t signed up in Conscious Consumers yet - do it today. It's free, 100% secure and takes just a couple of minutes. When you register with us we ensure every dollar you spend sends a message to these businesses about your values.

Give your values a voice and help choose the world you live in!


Anna Geiserman