Welcoming Cranfields to the Conscious Consumers Community

Conscious Consumers love what Cranfields stands for, a family owned business in the heart of Wellington city, and one of our newest members of our business community!


Established by a mother-daughter team, daughter Nicola now leads a small group of long-serving staff to bring beautiful New Zealand-made and small-scale international producers to Wellingtonians, in their exquisite store just off Lambton Quay. We talked with Nicola about what it is that drives her vision for the store, and their philosophy.

Provenance: the beginning of something’s existence; something’s origin.
A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.

Provenance and authenticity are influential values behind the Cranfields philosophy. A close and rewarding relationship with all suppliers is just a way of life for Nicola and her team. And they breathe life and love into a wide variety of homeware, gift and beauty products in their Wellington store. Notably, Cranfields features items from Raglan potter Tony Sly side-by-side with small Italian pewter producers, and the same from Bali. We were stoked to hear that Nicola and her team stock over forty per cent of the store with New Zealand made products, that support our manufacturing and our arts industries nationwide.

Kiwi Tom Muir of Kitchen Artefacts

Kiwi Tom Muir of Kitchen Artefacts

True to form, family values permeate the product lines, including children’s gifts with everything from wooden rattles, organic clothing, puppets, and wooden toy sets. With connections to suppliers that span decades this team has put together an elegant selection of product that they are proud to call ahead of trend, many of them lifetime purchases.

Bringing into Wellington some beautiful international products, the team have recently been on a buying trip to Bali in order to further build relationships with Cranfields suppliers. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with all of their adventures!

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Get your beautiful NZ made or limited-run gifts for this Christmas!

As a special offer to Conscious Consumers, when you mention Conscious Consumers in store, Nicola and her team will give you 10% store credit for your next purchase.

Anna Geiserman