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Animal welfare is important to us and our customers. We are committed to working towards selling only free range pork, chicken & eggs by mid-2019.



Carbon Conscious   Meridian continues to calculate and audit our carbon footprint, and we set targets for year on year reductions. We’ve adopted Cisco Jabber video conferencing to cut down on air travel and are changing our vehicle fleet to EVs.


Each year, we divert 62,400 kilograms of recyclables from landfill.

Supporting Communities   Across our KidsCan, Kākāpō Recovery Programme and Community Funds Meridian gives an estimated $1.5m a year to supporting NZ communities. In addition, our campaigns are specifically created to raise awareness for those we support with strong call to actions to encourage others to donate and support.


Each year, we divert 9,984 kilograms of organic waste from landfill.

Diversity Reporting   Meridian reports on gender balance across the business and specifically leadership roles. We support “Girls with High Vis” to actively encourage and support women into technical fields.


Each year, we save 5,304 containers from potentially going to landfill.

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Supporting Communities

Our head chef donates his time to volunteer with charities and fundraising events, including Everybody Eats and Harbour Hospice’s Vintner's Brunch.

Supporting Ecosystems   Our impacts on biodiversity are mostly managed through projects funded by Meridian, designed in collaboration with local stakeholders when our consents were originally granted. We also fund additional projects over and above what is described in our resource consents.

Sustainable Seafood

We offer 1 product that was sustainably caught/farmed.

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We offer 1 product that was organically grown or produced from crops grown organically.

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NZ Made

We offer 16 products that are made in New Zealand.

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We offer 1 mains dish that is vegan.

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Free Range

We offer 1 dish that uses animals who avoided factory-style farming.




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"I’m very happy to be working at HAN as I’m quite proud of using great suppliers for our menus. HAN is really focusing on high quality & organic ingredients. Personally, I feel like I can contribute some good things to human being & environment.”

- Geon Woo Lee (Kevin Lee), Sous Chef

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“Working at HAN, I have realised that they are very focused on customer service and satisfaction, but at the same time, they also care about the environment and about being sustainable. I have a passion for the hospitality industry, but I have also realised that many restaurants are not very concerned about their impact on the environment. I enjoy working at Han restaurant because we are very conscious about this and we work hard to limit and control our environmental footprint as best as we can”

— Andres Pinzon, Restaurant Manager


Our environment is as important as ourselves!

HAN considers what we sell and what we produce. We care about people & planet, not just business itself. Sustainability is an important consideration when we’re putting together our business strategy - as is the Rise Strategy. The Rise is as pat of a community of conscious business that strive for social and environmental responsibility.

One of the practices we’re most proud of is the fact that we only use paper straws for our drinks! We also use free-range pork, and we have pledged to commit to even more free-range products by mid-2019. We’re also doing proper recycling and composting, and being careful to choose the right suppliers who are doing good too.

Our employees seem to understand what we practice at HAN and why we make the sustainable choices that we do. They are proud that we’re part of this movement of businesses doing good and being better!


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