Sustainable decision-making, made easy.

Why should you care about adopting sustainable and ethical business practices? Because you can’t afford not to. If you’re a business just starting your sustainability journey, the CoGo Analytics package is for you. Learn about the social and environmental issues your customers care about, while building your reputation as a business that is ready to prioritise people, animals and the planet.


Doing good can be easier than you think.

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Connect with your audience

Share your story and connect with thousands of conscious consumers who want to support local stores doing good. Their incentive? Encouraging business leaders like you to adopt ethical, sustainable business practices. Your result? A genuine connection with your conscious customers, and the positive brand awareness that comes from joining a well-meaning business network.

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Estimate with accuracy

CoGo gives you the tools to identify potential ROI of ethical products and operational practices before you introduce them. Been toying with introducing vegan items to your menu? Now you’ll be able to see the proportion of your current customers who you might be catering to, and the number of prospective CoGo customers you could acquire.

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Apply your learnings everywhere

CoGo insights won’t just help you to make better informed sustainability decisions. Think bigger: clients use our data to inform wider business strategies and promotional plans, building stronger connections with conscious consumers throughout their own channels.

Don’t overthink the inevitable. It’s time to do good.

Still on the fence? Here’s three more reasons who CoGo is a great fit for you:

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No more one-off surveys that are out of date in a month. We’re collecting anonymised ethical data 24/7, every time our members use their payment cards.

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Track CoGo member’s values at store-level, across your entire business, and by region. See the frequency of times your stores are visited by CoGo members, and what their cumulative spend is.

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Once you’ve gathered the intel you need to take your first step to doing better business, we’ll help you become CoGo Accredited! Our accreditation is not only an awesome achievement for your business - it gives you access to our valuable supplier directory, and a ton of extra ways to reach and connect with new conscious customers.


If you’re a business that has already taken steps to adopt sustainable or ethical practices, you’re ready for the CoGo Accreditation package!