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Accreditation gives businesses the opportunity to share the good they're already doing and provides a framework that supports them to pursue more sustainable practices. The badges that businesses achieve through this process make it easy for you to find and connect with businesses that align with your values.

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How does a business get accredited? 

We accredit businesses in most industries, including hospitality, food retail, fashion and transport. Depending on the industry, different badges are available to achieve accreditation, but in a nutshell a business at a minimum needs to:


Receive 1 product badge

Show evidence that they're offering sustainable products to consumers.


Receive 3 operational badges

Show evidence that they have committed to sustainable practices within their operation.


Commit to a pledge

Detail the specific sustainability improvements they are committed to making next by writing a pledge.

Let’s talk about badges

Aligned with the UN SDGs, our 29 badges reflect sustainable practices in business operations and products that respect people, our planet and animals. At a glance, they show consumers how a business is taking action on important social and environmental issues. Each badge has specific standards that must be complied with, and businesses are re-appraised every two years to ensure on-going compliance. We weren't kidding when we said we take this stuff seriously! Badges fall into two categories:


12 badges that focus on sustainable business operations (e.g. Supply Chain Visibility, Supporting Communities, Recycling, Carbon Neutral).


17 badges that relate to products offered by a business that are proven to be sustainably/ethically produced (e.g. Fair Trade, Cruelty-free, Durable, Sustainable Forestry).


Curious about how we accredit businesses?

To learn more about our accreditation, download the free version of our Impact Framework.


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Ready to get accredited?

If you’re a business interested in getting accredited, reach out! Joining our platform is easier than you think – you could be sharing your good work with thousands of consumers in no time.